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Mayfair Capital is a property fund management business specialising in investment within the commercial and residential real estate sectors across the UK. Our primary activities include fund management and advisory mandates.

Commitment to Responsible Property Investment

At Mayfair Capital, we recognise the impact of sustainability issues on the investment performance of our assets and portfolios under management. In addition, we believe that we have a fiduciary duty to our clients to consider these risks and opportunities in our investment decisions. This includes implementing processes and procedures to ensure we are reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring a positive impact within the communities where we invest.

Our Responsible Property Investment (RPI) Statement outlines our overarching commitment to sustainability as an organisation. We have identified five key principles which encapsulate our commitment and approach to RPI through both our investment management and business operations. Mayfair Capital is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) which underlines our commitment to responsible property investment. 

We define sustainability as the consideration of environmental, social and governance issues. We recognise the impact of the built environment on natural resource depletion and environmental degradation and believe that we all have a role to play as environmental stewards in order to ensure a sustainable future. Due to the nature of the funds we manage, we place strong emphasis on ethical investing and supporting charities, which drives our commitment to social responsibility and the community. Governance is an essential element of managing the risks associated with sustainability and for ensuring positive outcomes for the environment, society and ultimately our investments. We therefore place significant importance on compliance, as we believe that this will contribute to the long-term performance of our organisation and assets under management.

Finally, we believe that we should not act in isolation but rather use our influence with our stakeholders to promote sustainable action and also learn from them in order to improve our own performance. Becoming sustainable is synonymous with progress and therefore we appreciate the need to continually improve.

Responsible Property Investment – key principles

  1. Environmental stewardship – We recognise the impact our buildings and operations have on the environment and believe that we are responsible for minimising our consumption of natural resources.
  2. Social Responsibility – We believe that our business activities should have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, from both an ethical and environmental perspective.
  3. Compliance – We believe that at all times Mayfair Capital and the assets we manage must comply with regulation and legislation pertaining to sustainability, as well as internal policies, and that a level of preparedness for forthcoming regulation should be demonstrated.
  4. Engagement – We recognise the benefit of engaging with our employees, stakeholders and the wider industry to create awareness around sustainability issues and ensure our objectives are achieved.
  5. Continuous improvement – We will work towards best practice when implementing our sustainability principles and ensure continuous improvement through regular reviews of our objectives and targets.

As custodian of our clients’ assets, these principles apply to both our investment and management activities, as well as to the business operations of Mayfair Capital as a whole.

The Policy has been approved and endorsed by the Mayfair Capital Investment Management Board.

Five key principles for RPI

Responsible Property Investment

RPI gives consideration to environmental, social and governance issues that are inherent in the property investment process and ultimately are expected to impact performance

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