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Mayfair Capital was acquired by Swiss Life Asset Managers in November 2016. This provides Mayfair Capital with co-investment and long term capital to offer products and services on a Pan-European basis.

Mayfair Capital provides international investors not only with real estate investment advice in the UK but also on a Pan-European basis. This can be for segregated portfolios, club investment deals, co-investment opportunities and within the fund ranges provided by Mayfair Capital and the specialist areas within Swiss Life Asset Managers. 

As Mayfair Capital's parent company, Swiss Life not only have their own balance sheet and capital through their life insurance business, they also offer third-party customers a wide range of real estate fund solutions. With more than 120 years’ experience in the real estate business. They focus on real estate investments in core markets across Europe and work with expert local teams (UK, Germany, France and Switzerland) that enjoy in-depth expertise and first-rate market knowledge. Mayfair Capital as a member of Swiss Life Asset Managers provides clients with unique access to the European real estate market.

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A leading UK real estate investment manager and Member of Swiss Life Asset Managers